Xan’ther Ka EnRa El

Hi I’m Xan’ther…

I am a 25D+ Multidimensional Tau Cetian / Sirian Starseed Healer who came to this planet in order to assist in Gaia’s ascension process and the ascension process of all beings on Gaia (Earth) today.

I am a 25D+ J.E.D.I “Rank Technician” working for the Impartial J.E.D.I 25D Council, the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command, as a graduated Candidate II. My J.E.D.I training gives me the authorisation and ability to perform and create unique forms of healing that are not of this Earth and have never been available before.

I have one of the rarest life path numbers (22) which means I possess both vision and the power to turn those visions into reality. While many other life path numbers may have the ability to dream, or too quickly seize the day, twenty twos have the rare ability to dream big then implement them.

Twenty twos are spiritually gifted, but also have a powerful grasp of reason, logic and down to earth common sense. This duality of ability is rare in people, and it affords twenty twos an unmatched ability to conceive an idea, plan it and ultimately execute it with little effort.

What I Offer

My advanced healing sessions include Avatar Clearing Systems, Activation Systems, Manifestation systems, Transformational systems and Galactivation systems which work across the 15D – 25D multidimensional layers of self. My programmes can free you from the matrix, rid you of alien technology, activate your DNA blueprints, remove astral bodies, tidy up your akashic records, and a whole host more! I also offer a range of boosters and shields which can support you to manifest and create while removing thought forms, spells and psychic attacks implanted by the matrix.

To find out more on all I offer please visit my website for more details www.avataractivation.com or feel free to reach out on social media (Facebook, Skype & Telegram).