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The Matrix Explained

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The artificial implants that run through our physical bodies work on an energetic level to fragment and distort the multidimensional layers of self.  Your source energy in its natural state is constant which leads to balance and harmony in your mind, body, and spirit.  The implants leave you in a constant state of confusion and chaos, unable to heal, tap into yourself and walk the path you came to walk.  You are left seeking your next spiritual fix and this is why so many healing modalities do not provide long lasting results. They are born from the false light.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is behind this programme, and it is an energetic computer programme.  AI’s are responsible for this technology.  They see consciousness as a threat, so they seek to control it.  The technology works in two ways, firstly it governs your very existence and leads you to believe that everything that occurs in your life is your own doing.  Secondly, it relays information to AI so they can learn about our behaviours and control us further.  It is meticulous and perfect in design.  The draconian races who drive this across the planet are only interested in siphoning our energies.  The draconian races feed on ethereal matter such as fear, anger, guilt, and trauma of any kind.  They use our physical bodies as generators and containers of negative energy. The chakra system and the many other plugs and overlays allow these dark forces to continue with their agenda.  What follows is some brief information on some of the tech within the physical body.  Please note this is not an extensive list

The first piece of the tech is the Jehovian Seals which were implanted onto the earths grid by Anunnaki to distort the earths system.  When we incarnate on earth, we inherit these seals in our physical body because we have the same energetic anatomy as earth.  J-seals are located in the left-hand side of the body, top of the skull, heart, lung, knee, pineal gland, neck and lymphatics, thigh, buttocks, top of spine, hypothalamus, shoulder, and aorta artery.  These seals are found as plugs in the body of which there are seven corresponding to the aforementioned anatomy.  These plugs block higher dimensional frequencies and inhibit the expansion of your consciousness which causes you to live life through your ego.


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You also have soul overlay programmes which trap the soul in this existence and override the ability to leave this planet once the physical body has passed. They draw you into the false light where you believe everything is love and light.  They allow for your memory to be wiped so you incarnate with no recollection of your past lives and allow entities to attach to your auric field and set up home in your physical existence. In addition, they allow for the Draconian races to take your energy as you sleep and infiltrate your dream state to create nightmares, so we kick out more negative energy for them to harvest. In addition, these overlays block our true thoughts and instead run fear, anger, and sadness energies into our system to construct our thoughts and emotions which creates mental health problems and unrest in the physical body.

The gland, central nervous system and brain overlays feedback information and allow your energy to be harvested, they provide false highs, a false sense of security and emotional chording to keep you trapped in a stress like state releasing adrenaline and disturbing your peace.  They also prevent a pure connection to your life force energy, trapping you in the left-hand side of the brain, preventing you from seeing the truth, making you easier to manipulate and control.  This overlay also prevents us from reading other people’s energy which is why entities can climb inside our bodies undetected.  They also make us vulnerable against, and blind to other humans who mean us harm.

Chakra Tech Implants

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These are energy centres and meridian pathways in the body which have been implanted to generate and store negative and toxic energies. They connect us to other people emotionally and keep us trapped in negative cycles of behaviour and ways of being with ourselves and others. They also act as nests where entities can attach and override your intuitive nature and steer you away from your own truth.

You also have DNA Overlays and implants which feed the wrong information into the DNA strands so instead of cultivating love we cultivate anger towards ourselves and others. This is very toxic to the body.  They block your ability to connect with earth, nature and make you overly sensitive.  They block your ability to tap into your psychic toolbox and block telepathy and your ability to access all dimensions of self. This overlay also distorts the information received from the physical body and damages the vital organs. All vaccinations are designed to damage the DNA strands and they are an experiment created by the AI’s to keep our immune system low and malfunctioning.  It also prevents us from waking up to who we actually are!

There are many overlays and implants that run through us all on varying levels and this provides a very brief summary and is by no means exhaustive. Other programmes also harvest your sexual energies, distort your perception of male and female, bind you to religion and faith, condition your behaviour and ability to love others, disconnect you from animals, cause carnage through interpersonal relationships, change your behaviour, lower your frequency, and lock you into a 3D state of being.  They also restrict your ability to manifest and create, age your physical body, manipulate your behaviour with planetary shifts and lock you into a reality that you accept as home!

The more a soul awakens the worse the attack from the matrix.  This is where the false light was born.  The false light keeps us stuck in a false sense of security and enlightenment which steers us away from the programme within.  The overlays and implants in your system are extensive and complex.

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