Spiritual Life Coaching Certificate

Spiritual Life Coaching is a process of aligning a person with their authentic multidimensional aspects of self. This course is aimed at those who purely want to coach others. For full course details please see below and do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach

There is a reason why we are all trapped in damaging patterns of behaviour, drawn to dysfunctional relationships, suffer with lack of self-worth and feel stuck and unable to move forward!  I too was the same for many years despite following a spiritual path.  ‘New age’ teachings are born from the dark and this course will steer you away from false enlightenment and kick start you on a journey to self which allows you to create profound and lasting change. This course is for those who are interested in just ‘coaching’ and is a step down from my Ascension Coaching Diploma.


This course will run one weekend a month for 4 months.  Each month will provide you with a new toolbox to use with yourself and your clients and is a journey through which you will become the coach you came here to be.  You can join this course at any time and there is no need to worry about missing modules as you can always jump on the next one!  NB In order to train in this coaching certificate you must have had a complete matrix unplug, chakra removal and DNA Activation therefore two pricing structures exist.  The first includes my ascension reboot package and the second price (lower) is for those who have already gone through the process.  If you haven’t been through this process with me I will check to ensure you are in fact unplugged and reactivated and if you are not then you will be required to do so before embarking on this course. You cannot coach others out of the matrix when you are still plugged in yourself and free online meditations will not unplug you in 99% of cases.

Whilst on this spiritual life coaching journey you will be going through the ascension reboot programme (if you haven’t already) as well as completing the following modules:



Module 1 includes an in-depth look at the matrix, j-seals, plugs, overlays, death cell programmes, chakra tech and how it actually works to control on an individual and collective level. We will then look at how to effectively coach others in this arena, areas in which souls may require support including relationships, career, grief, health and finances, questioning to elicit self realisation, a platform from which to coach and how to structure sessions and follow on appointments.

Spiritual life coaching

Module 2 is concerned with your tool box and ways in which you can help yourself and others.  Content includes belief clearing, statement clearing, infinity re-wiring, EFT, cord cutting & vow breaking, mood diaries, gratitude journals, assertiveness training, visualisation, mindfulness techniques, thought stopping and re-framing, manifestation, clearing emotions, reading the body, truth testing, tracking, positive affirmations and a whole host more!

Module 3 imparts a valuable life purpose analysis tool known as Soul Plan Reading which will qualify you as a Soul Plan Practitioner.  This is a 3 day module where you will learn about your own challenges, talents and goals in both your worldly and spiritual aspect of self.  You will also come to recognise your soul destiny and purpose for this incarnation. You will then be qualified to move forward and read for others. Soul Plan is a road map for the soul and can support the awakening of all beings whether oblivious to the matrix or not. You will receive a stand alone certificate for this module from the Holistic Healing College.

Module 4 centres around the multidimensional aspects of self and how to tap into your creative power. In this module we look at the concept of resonance, frequency & vibration, clearing webs cast on bank accounts and financial belief system, employee mindsets, following your yes, magic journalling, intention setting and a whole host more.  This module will support you to tap into your own creative power whilst providing a valuable set of tools through which you can support others.


This Spiritual Life Coaching Certificate is a magical journey which will allow you to work as an effective coach and soul plan practitioner. To book on please click on the book now button below NB £1,485 includes ascension reboot, £1,090 does not.  If you haven’t yet unplugged from the matrix and select the latter you will be refunded minus 2% which is the cost for taking payment.  As stipulated earlier you cannot lead people out of the matrix when you yourself are plugged into it.  For course and module dates please contact me on 07931428128 or use the contact form at the head of this page.

You can if you wish pay a deposit of £500 followed by 3 monthly payments of £328.35 (with matrix unplug) / £196.66 (without matrix unplug).  Please call me to arrange.