Nicola Eastham

Hi I’m Nic…

I embarked on my spiritual path with Oc’taviour in 2019, training in meditation and soul plan reading practitioner.  I am also a qualified counsellor registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) offering counselling sessions for depression & anxiety, bereavement and loss.  In July of 2021 I was invited by Oc’taviour to provide soul plan readings for all her clients and students.

A soul plan is a detailed reading and healing system based upon the vibration of your birth name. (As written on your birth certificate). This practice is commonly associated with Hebrew Numerology and its teachings assume that numerical equivalents of letters are not coincidental and do in fact represent creative life force energy.

Soul Plan Benefits

A soul plan is a powerful and accurate system that will introduce an entirely new and fascinating way of seeing your life. This is invaluable for those who feel they are stuck, at a crossroads in their life, are struggling to connect with their life purpose, and or are always faced with difficult challenges, limiting beliefs and damaging patterns of behaviour.

A soul plan reading will provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself which will help you gain clarity and direction whilst embodying growth and spiritual healing. A soul plan provides advice on how to overcome challenges, connect with your talents and identify your goals in both the worldly and spiritual aspects of self. Your soul destiny will also be exposed to help you to awaken your full potential.

The cost of a soul plan is £90 and will be delivered during a pre-arranged 1.5hr session. To book a soul plan reading with me please call 07309386784 or visit