Multidimensional Self

Aug 25, 2021 | Blog

The programming in the false light teaches us all to focus on our vibration and frequency to ascend and I have come to learn that this really is a crock of shit! Vibration is the way in which matter moves at a point of equilibrium (balance).  Frequency describes the number of waves that pass a fixed place in a block of time.  It has absolutely nothing to do with our abilities to tune into ourselves or ascension.  The second biggest illusion is that of dimensions!  They are not a place of residence they are the lenses through which we connect to ourselves, our wisdom and experiences and allow for our own perspective of life to be integrated, embodied, and shared.  We are multidimensional beings.  Remove the word ascension (rise) and replace it with expansion.

The first dimension is the horizontal plane which provides length.  It is the building block from which all other dimensions form.  Think of it as a platform. The second dimension is the vertical plane which provides height & width. These dimensions of self allow us to connect to the energy of earth, crystals, elementals, lay lines and so forth. The third dimension is that of structure it is the place of form and matter where your physical body resides, It houses gravity, time and linear realities. The fourth dimension is that of emotion, beliefs, duality, hierarchy, thought, ego and so forth. This dimension is where matter is split (the sense of being separate)

The fifth dimension is where we unify and bridge the physical and non-physical (our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of self).  5D is not a destination and therefore not a New Earth as you have come to think of it. Remove all the fluff about 5D from your social media fields it is lies and is a prime example of how people who believe they are channeling (most of us!) are in fact swirling around in their 4D / 5D aspect of self and the matrix, experiencing false enlightenment, integrating nothing and misleading everyone!  Think about it!  Anything Covid is censored and those who rebel end up in social media prison!  Anyone talking about aliens and alleged conspiracy theories are blocked, banned, or removed from platforms yet all of us in the spiritual arena who proclaim to be channeling and enlightening the world are left to our own devices!  It’s because we aren’t a threat to them, they have us exactly where they need us, stuck in the illusion with a false sense of security!

The new earth we all long to see is right here, right now.  It will occur when we all wake up from the matrix!  When we open to ourselves and tap into our natural source energy.  When we awaken from our slumber and the false light we activate our power, we integrate our experiences and have access to the tools we need to create change.  It is not about one person it is about ALL of us!  In waking up and finding our own truth we shed the matrix and the programming, and we embody ourselves while uniting to create positive change. It is up to us as individuals to unearth our own truth. If you are a starseed or member of the family of light you won’t find out about it on google or in Facebook groups.  This is another distraction because we fit ourselves inside a box when we are all here to fulfil different roles! If these groups were a threat, don’t you think they would be shut down?  They are full of souls trapped in a false sense of enlightenment doing what the matrix requires of them.

Why is our own truth so important?  From my perspective on this, as we expand and integrate our own truth, we access not only our tools but our experiences and therefore wisdom.  We plug back into our collective race of beings, and we become the conduit through which information from where we are in material matter is shared.  We can pull through our own wisdom and that of our collective and share it with other beings on this planet who then integrate the information and become the conduit through which it passes back to their collective race.  We are then able to create new ways of being by sharing perspectives and wisdom, we can understand what applies and what doesn’t and from this birth new ideas into being!  This creates unity where we help and support one another, evolve, and expand together. When we take information as read, we categories ourselves, step inside a box and then try our hardest to fit into it!  Nothing ever makes sense to us and to soothe ourselves we cling onto the beliefs of others and remain trapped in the matrix.

We are all here for a reason some of us are assigned missions and some of us are not This brings me on to another important point, the false light leads us to believe that we have spiritual gifts and talents that we need to activate to move forward with our lives!  This is a play on words and part of the illusion.  They are not gifts or individual talents they are tools which we all have access to and the way we access them is to expand into the multidimensional aspects of self!  Your dimensional aspects of self are where you locate these tools and the more you expand the easier, they are to integrate and embody.  The third dimension does not bind you in anyway, but the matrix unplugs you and leads you to believe you are powerless to do anything.  It creates confusion and anarchy, fear, and control.  Using the word gift and talent leads us to believe we need to be worthy of it when we already are!  It implies that we must work for it or that we aren’t good enough at it already!  This leads us down the path of trying to access something that we do not recognise is already ours and in the process, we add to our limiting beliefs!

Moving on, the sixth dimension is where sacred geometry and light codes sit. This is the realm from which we create our own reality it is also the point at which we begin to work with audible and inaudible sound.  Therefore, sound healing can have a profound effect on us and open us to greater aspects of ourselves. The seventh dimension is where we translate information received through our clairaudience and clairvoyance tools. The eighth dimension is where we access all the information from all the lives, we have ever embodied it’s called the Halls of Amenti.  It is also the dimension of self through which we access galactic beings and guides.  When we are trying to do this from our lower dimensions of self the information is massively distorted and becomes a story made up from the ego – do you see?

The ninth dimension is the gateway to source point.  This is where authentic channeling comes through, and the tool of astral projection can be utilised. The tenth dimension is your vertical axis (your spine, spinal cord, and skeletal system) I see this as our Antenor because it moves data back and forth through all dimensions of ourselves. This is why we get so confused by the chakra system!  We sense energy and attribute it to the illusion of the chakra system!  We can’t see the true connection to which this information applies. Physical problems are manifested through the discord across our dimensional aspects of being. This information is relayed via this antenna, so we can balance ourselves and heal – Do you see? The chakra tech overlay creates energy pockets where this discord can fester which is why we are a disease-ridden race. We are not in our natural state of being and are restricted by the tech of the matrix in connecting with who we are!

The eleventh dimension are the fluids in our body (spinal fluid, brain fluid etc), the lymphatic system and natural rhythms of our organs. Water has memory and therefore stores all our memories so when we are clogged up physically, we detach from this aspect of self and become lost! The twelfth dimension is the home of our soul, and it allows access to the other worlds our soul is walking.

The chakra technology is an implant which not only stores negative, stagnant energies it overrides your dimensional aspects of self.  Your root chakra overrides your connection to earth which is why we are taught to ground in the false light!  We don’t need to ground in our natural state.  It also stops us from reading information from earth, understanding the power of crystals and communicating fully with elemental beings, animals, tress and nature. Your heart chakra tech stops you receiving information from your full dimensional aspects of self because your physical heart is the receiver and translator of information.  Your sacral chakra tech sabotages your sexual and creative energies.  Women are not supposed to menstruate 13 times a year.  The tech drains our energy and prevents the integration of feminine energy across earth.  Men are not supposed to be sex maniacs, it amplifies the energy, creates aggressive behaviours and ensures masculine energy dominates the earth plane.  You have seven implants (chakras) – I will let you unearth the rest on your own.  Explore and truth test everything!

I hope this information assists you in some way to make sense of who you are and what you are truly capable of.  The 12 Dimensions are not destinations where other beings reside, they are your eyes, your lenses, your full spectrum of self! They are not above or below they simple are you! And they house the tools you need to navigate all of life!  They are essential to your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of being. In my limited experience the way forward from here is for each of us to go away and come to understand it by getting up close and personal with ourselves.  There isn’t one special person out there who is going to save us and put us back together again.  It is down to us individually but that doesn’t mean we have to go it alone!  We can do it together and support each other but we must ensure we are TRUTH testing everything otherwise we create more useless information which throws us all of point.

It is important to remember that we are consciousness and therefore far more able than technology.  I know many of you are intrigued by my blogs and that is great to see but please don’t freak out about it!  We have all been played and we all now owe it to ourselves and each other to unplug.  In waking up to what is going on across this planet we can override our own matrix programming.  I have been paying special attention to my thoughts and feelings and through truth testing have come to find most of it is not my own!  The chakra system requires a lot of attention in some people to support as much homeostasis as possible in the physical body so don’t panic about what healing modalities you offer; they still apply and can support many to free themselves.  I have passed from complete shock horror through to excitement for what we can achieve. All we must do is look how far we have come in the ignorance of the chakras.  I for one am a different person so imagine what else lies dormant within us all! This is the true meaning of this epic moment in time on earth and we chose to participate.  The reasons why we chose to do this are stored in our dimensional lenses so let’s get hungry and reunite with ourselves!  The potential is profound, and the possibilities are endless!

Until next time … Jo x