Matrix Unplug

We are born into a dark make believe world and have many plugs, seals and overlays which control our mind, body and spirit.  These dark distortions cause carnage in our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and manipulate and control our very existence.  The first step in ascension is to unplug from the matrix!  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. You can also enquire through my site using the icon below.

Matrix Unplug

To fully unplug from the matrix means you can no longer be interfered with or manipulated by the dark forces that control this planet.  You have hundreds of distortions in your energy fields which are so natural to you, you don’t even know they are there! We are forced to live in a 3D state of being and have very limited access to our full soul consciousness (just enough for our physical bodies to survive!) This allows for full control and manipulation of the human race.

The Negative Alien Agenda are the ones that hacked our consciousness and changed our original divine blueprint from our 12-strand diamond sun DNA template (Angelic Human) to a 2 strand DNA template, leaving the other 10 strands dormant and deactivated. This stops us from realising our true multidimensional layers of self.  All humans have 12 strand DNA templates, however there are others known as Indigo’s with higher DNA templates such as 24 and 48 strands. Your DNA strands allow for the full embodiment of your dimensions of consciousness.


J-Seals & Unnatural Implants

All human beings are born with J-Seals (7) located in the left-hand side of the body, as we share the same anatomy as earth.  The J-Seals form part of the earths grid and were implanted by the Jehovian Anunnaki.  These seals are often referred to as death seals as they cause deterioration in the physical body eventually resulting in death.  This is exaggerated during a stellar activation cycle which we are currently in (2012-2022).  These seals create a cycle of death and reincarnation, and this has been occurring on earth for millions of years.

The Zeta seal is located in the heart chakra tech and prevents you from accessing unconditional love.  This is why most of us lack self-love and the world is rife with war and terrorism.  This seal prevents full connection to the multidimensional layers of self and allows the dark forces to create separation, fear, and control. This seal is responsible for creating divides across governments, countries, cultures, and large pockets of the human race.

Metatronic implants (nothing to do with Metatron, be careful what you read on the internet!) are located throughout the auric field. These implants lock us into false and holographic realities, and this is why so many souls are now trapped in the false light (new age bullshit!). They prevent the soul from fully merging with its physical body and feed false data into our fields.

Templar Seals remove the 6th base code of the 2nd DNA strand, 6th overtone of the 4th DNA strand and 12th overtone of the 5th DNA strand.  The Templar-Axion Seal removes the 6th base tone of the 1st DNA strand, the 6th base tone of the 5th strand and the 6th base tone of the 6th DNA strand. This is the original meaning of the symbolic 666 – “number of the beast” in that genetic codes carrying this distortion cannot assemble their DNA adequately to “qualify” for the next harmonic universe. This is one of the reasons why so many people are “not waking up” during this ascension cycle and are stuck in the false light (new age bullshit!).

The Crown of Thorns is an energy configuration above the head that distorts the natural energetic circulatory system and blocks humans from receiving the life force energy from the higher aspects of self and Source/God. It is in essence, a crucifixion to humanity as the crown of thorns distorts universal energy to the chakra tech which locks humanity into a 3D frequency fence.

The Tower of Babel Seal mutates the DNA and causes it to run in reverse blocking the natural flow of kundalini which causes malfunctions in the pineal, thalamus, hypothalamus, and thyroid glands which drastically shortens the human life span, blocks higher sensory perception, and causes a loss of race memory whilst scrambling our original language patterns, which are built upon DNA Template Fire Letter Sequencing. The human race has in essence been anaesthetised and dying young ever since!

Karmic containment units are more than an implant! It is a device that keeps you trapped in a wheel of karma but the karma you acquire is not yours it is born from the programme of the matrix.  You are not here to learn life lessons and repay karmic debts as the false light teaches you!  This device allows the dark forces to feed from your energies and traps you in cycles that are detrimental to your mental health and well-being.


15D Auric Clearing

Auric attachments can cause severe limitations and trap souls into damaging cycles and patterns of behaviour.  To fully heal from the matrix we must remove negative attachments from all 15 dimensions of self including neural pathways to prevent emotions becoming solidified in our fields of perspective.


15D Karmic Clearing

Every soul is born into a false karmic container and goes on to generate more karma through the actions they take within the matrix, all of which are manipulated by the programme. Negative actions and ways of being do not form any part of our soul essence and as such need to be removed so we can align to our higher aspects of self and awaken to our life purpose. This clearing creates profound and lasting change.


Personas of the shadow self

The Shadow Self is an archetype that forms part of the unconscious mind and is comprised of repressed ideas, instincts, impulses, weaknesses, desires, perversions, and embarrassing fears. A persona is a mask that we choose to wear in public.  We are forced to live through many shadow lenses and masks of self namely, ultimate Innocent (deep seated repressed hurt or wounding), professional victim or victimiser (poor me), terrorist (feel continuously embattled or threatened), martyr (co-dependence, need to heal or fix self and others), perfectionist (self-improvement junkies, forever dissatisfied), emotional Cannibal (incessant craving for love, acceptance, approval), compulsive destroyer (addiction, compulsiveness, lack self-esteem), obsessive Projectionist (feel empty, obsessive, unmotivated), sorcerer (belittling of self and others, self-sabotage), tyrant (feel stagnant, fear, loneliness, self-misery), satyr (big time pleasure seeker, lustful, addictions), liberator (lack motivation, judgmental, self-righteousness), predator-prey, master -slave, hunter-hunted, saviour-saved, rich-poor, royalty-peasant, famous-insignificant, greater than-lesser than, beautiful-ugly.


General Alien Implants

The human nervous system is instructed by various implants to release life-force (chi) energies to many siphoning devices within the energetic structures of self which allows for mass control of the human race. These implants impact your physical health, mental state, emotional state, and your ability to access your sense of self. General alien implants include,  alien “bots” tagger, alien aura harnesses, alien brands, symbols & vigils, alien chi siphons, alien consciousness sweeper, alien coordinate locator, alien death ray technology, alien etheric weaponry, alien Gollum’s/creatures, alien harmful artefacts, alien harmful portals, alien implants, alien invasion – body snatcher, alien metal cages, alien mind & body slavery, alien mind control, alien parasites and eggs (infection), alien reversal frequencies, alien scalar devices, alien sexual siphons, alien tracker devices, alien vampire cords, alien booby traps
, alien archons.


Patriarchal Domination Hive Mind

Patriarchal Domination Hive Mind is a group mind in which the linked individuals have no identity or free will and are possessed / mind controlled as extensions of the hive mind. The concept of the group or hive mind is an intelligent version of real-life super organisms such as an ant colony or beehive. With these implanted hive systems and fear-based, mind control tactics humans are manipulated into living out the alien agenda. They are as follows, accept abuse and sociopath, accept paltry condition/deprivation, apathy/lack of Interest, being seen and not heard, carry out orders, do not question authority, enforce the law, fear of punishment/pain, females are breeders/objects, kill the infidel, powerlessness, submit to external power, terrorist, unworthiness/low rank, women subservient to male pleasure.


Thought Forms, Fears & Phobias

Thought forms, fears, phobias trauma and distortions that are not our own (ALL!) exist with no sensory perception and therefore cannot be healed! Instead, they create chaos, drama, violence, and many other negative experiences in your life. They include, (anti) emotions, (anti) love, being found or seen, chaos (distracted), child archetype, fear of afterlife, fear of change, fear of extra-terrestrials, fear of god, fear of light, fear of vulnerability, genetic discrimination, genocide, holocaust, inadequacy, lack of intelligence (fear), life uncertainty/death, losing soul, male archetype, massacre, mother archetype, purgatory, race discrimination, religious discrimination, seeing the darkness (denial), spiritual betrayal, torture & pain, trapped in darkness, unknown future, war and killing, (partial)


Galactic Race Trauma

Ascended master lineages, andromedin, arachnid, arcturian, avalon/aveyon, brotherhood of snake/Atlantean, dinoid, dragon brotherhood (red/green/black/white), black suns regressive, dragon moth, electric wars, elohim, gargoyle, humanoid, insectoid, kumara lineages, lizard, lyran royal houses, Anunnaki, mars, Phobos, medusozoan, Melchizedekian priesthood, moon Lineages, mu priesthood/Lemuria, necromiton, Nephilim ur priesthood, Orion wars, Pleiadean, reptoid, seraphim, sirian, sons of baal, sons of one, zeta, greys, Jehovah/Armageddon, eye of Yahweh, Tiamat/apsu, marduk, Enki/Enlil, thothian/thelema/ulema, alpha Draconis/Orion group, underworld/anubian trauma, phantom matrix, reptilian invasion, Metatronic bodies, luciferin conquest, massacre or holocaust trauma, alpha omega (911) agenda, black magician grids, NET static fields.


Hybridisation Trauma

Human/animal hybrid trauma, zeta hybrid trauma/pain, Anunnaki hybrid trauma/pain, Dracon hybrid trauma/pain, Nephilim reversals (NRG), blood lust (vampirism) damage, solar lord implants, kumara master implants, zeta 4D astral seal, axiom seal, 666 seals, curse implant trauma, anu 6th &7th Seal (wings cut off trauma), Orion solar cross, 777 seals, curse implant trauma, crucifixion implants, AA Michael sword splitter, mother Mary splitter, ninja spinners, vesica Pisces harness, threshold harnesses, negative forms/voodoo dolls, black magician/sorcery, hybrid or alien viral strains, cellular disease (DNA reversal), fallen angelic schism trauma, gender splitter, mind splitter, polarity reversals, Indigo 3 contract trauma, apparthi receiver damage, hybrid neurological damage, alien hybrid children, cannibalism trauma, elemental body DNA disease, pathogenic organism systems, parasite and egg harvesting, fetal twin and foetus harvesting, dead or reversal geometries, dead light dodecahedron, hybrid miasmas, other planetary race miasma, lab genetic culturing, body part replication, cetacean/whale/dolphin trauma, breeder tags, reversal Fleur-De-Lis, NRG artefacts, reversal arc codes, replication of clone bodies, organ replication, glands – pineal implant or stealing, glands – pituitary implant or stealing, glands – hypothalamus, metabolism, glands – other.


DNA Fear Distortions

Polarian DNA strand 1, hyperborean DNA strand 1, lemurian/Mu DNA strand 2, Atlantean/alanian DNA strand 3, Aaryan DNA strand 4, muvarian DNA strand 5, paradisian DNA strand 6, future race DNA strands.


Sexual Implants

Alien etheric semen, astral /etheric abduction/surgery, astral/etheric rape, cervix implant/portal blocker, foetus cut out of womb, genetic code crasher, genetic code stealer, genetic gender reversal (experiments), genetic reader/translator, genital clamps and modifications, genital experiments, genital mutilation, genital plugs (etheric lingam, etc.), implanted sadistic or masochistic sex, implanted sexual fantasies/distortions, metal robots or clones virtual sex, NRG implants & cords, NRG sexual fantasy inserts, NRG Gollum’s & creatures, NRG 2d/4d splitter, NRG genetic architecture, NRG sexual addiction, NRG rape/sodomy, NRG birthplace artefact, NRG child slavery/sacrifice, NRG stolen sexual organs/ritual, NRG other, prostate implant/portal blocker, reversal fluids (alien sperm or ovum), reversal of pain/pleasure response, root or perineum siphons, RRO sexual ecstasy and bliss, RRO sexual organs, sexual abuse, torture or misery, sexual addiction, sexual betrayals and sexual fears, sexual fetishes, sexual organs ripped out, sexual rejection from fears, sexual trauma: Aliens, sexual trauma: animals, sexual trauma: children, sexual trauma: objects, sexual trauma: artefacts/symbols, sexual trauma: war.


Matrix Unplug Session

This session will remove all the aforementioned implants, seals, plugs, and overlays freeing you from the matrix! The session itself will take 2 hours and requires you to be laying down in comfortable loose clothing.  All jewellery must be removed. This session can be carried out in person at my premises or performed from a distance at an agreed time.  All healing is carried out in accordance with your higher aspects of self and will take 6-8 months to fully embody albeit profound healing is felt almost instantly with most clients. During the session you may feel sharp pains where implants are removed, waves of pulsating energy, hot and cold flushes, euphoria (which may last for hours after the session) colours and or flashes of light.

The matrix unplug is the prerequisite to all other ascension clearings and activations (chakra & Kundalini removal, 12 strand DNA Activation, Golden strand DNA Activation). A full matrix unplug is essential to your ascension journey and will free you on every level of your being. If you are ready to haul ass out of the matrix at super lightning speed then check out my Ascension Reboot System!

To book a matrix unplug click on the icon below then message me on 07931428128 to schedule your appointment at a time that suits you.  For a heads up on what to expect on this journey please check out my ascension disclaimer.

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