The Lightarian Path

The Lightarian Path is a magical journey to self which will open you up to a whole new world, removing veils, connecting you with the angelic kingdom, helping you to navigate your multidimensional layers and a whole host more. Feel free to contact me direct should you have any questions.  If you are ready to embark on the Lightarian Path then please head to my book now icon at the foot of this page.

The Lightarian Path


I walked the Lightarian path alongside my decision to unplug from the matrix. and although I was sceptical at first because of my experiences in the new age arena I can honestly say it has helped me no end to embody all that is happening to me on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. This path does not require you to remove your chakra tech or unplug but I will say from experience that your journey will be more profound if you do! You can either follow this path as a personal journey where you will be able to facilitate your connections with others through your own work OR you can follow this path to become a teacher of the Lightarian Programme.  The Lightarian path includes the following 9 modules in order.

Lightarian Ray Programme

Accelerates the unfolding off and stimulates breakthroughs in six important phases of spiritual and energetic development. You will be able to facilitate and teach your own clients and students these energies. You will be experiencing a permanent connection with each of the particular Ascended Masters that governs each one of the Lightarian Rays directly. Once each connection has been made, each Master works with you energetically in your etheric background to support essential aspects of your spiritual self-development. With these powerful sessions, you will accelerate the process of your spiritual path more quickly and effectively and with more grace and joy in your life than you would if you were going through the natural process. To find out more click here.

Lightarian Clearing Programme 

Expands upon the benefits of the Lightarian Clearing Rays to provide an amplified approach to clearing for those that wish to go even deeper. The programme works to clear and release the same 6 kinds of patterning, focusing on each of them one at a time. These include Path Clearing, Birth Pattern Removal, Template Clearing, Attachment Removal, Lineage Clearing and Veil Removal. You will be able to facilitate and or teach your own clients and students these energies. The Lightarian Clearing Programme provides unique, effective methods for the releasing of counter-productive limiting belief structures and mental / emotional / physical stored energy patterns and programming, from one’s body. To find out more click here. 

Lightarian Reiki

Is an expanded vibrational form of Reiki that opens six additional bands of healing energy, each going progressively higher in vibration moving way beyond traditional forms of Reiki energy. Some have called this universal energy “Reiki for the lightbody.” You must be a Reiki Master to become a practitioner/teacher of Lightarian Reiki – You will be attuned if you aren’t already! You must also either (1) already be a Karuna™ Reiki Master, or (2) receive one additional Lightarian attunement called a “Buddhic Boost.”  The Boost is an attunement that bridges the vibrational gap between Usui and Lightarian Reiki for those who are not Karuna Masters.The principles and philosophy of Lightarian Reiki™ are taught in I – II. As such, III, IV and V – VI each provide the relevant attunement with minimal formal training being necessary. To find out more please click here.

Lightarian Angel Links

Help you to embodying the qualities of the Angels in your energy field by creating a permanent connection with each of them as your angelic guides. The five Lightarian AngelLinks are designed to create extraordinary connections for you with a high vibrational team of angelic beings.  This team consists of a Seraph (named Rose Aura) and four Archangels (Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel). These angels have been unable to reach humanity because of the 3D frequency fence around earth and they have stepped forward to share their energies in a way where they can be understood and truly assist those who seek their support. Their intentions are to infuse into the energy fields of humans many of the qualities and energetic patterns which they embody. To find out more please click here.

Lightarian Angel Link Extensions

Are identical in many ways to the Lightarian AngelLinks system. Similar in some and, of course, totally different in the important aspects of anchoring in your personal connection with these specific Archangels who have stepped forward to support you on your journey.  To find out more please click here.

Lightarian Purification Rings

There are six unique and permanent guide-ship connections with these supportive seraphim groups. The six Lightarian Purification Rings are designed to create extraordinary connections for you from the highest level of the Angelic Realms called the Seraphim. These seraphim groups, including Seraphim Y, Seraphim, C, Seraphim V, Seraphim Z and Seraphim K, will assist with facilitating the expansion and purification of recipients. The Purification Rings have been inspired by the Seraphim in order to work through a strong, direct link with humans to advance their spiritual development. This is an ADVANCED program given to us to help our physical beings function more efficiently in the new Earth. It is for those that have already begun their Ascension / Descension process and choose to stay on the earth plane at this time in history. To find out more please click here. 

Lightarian Ascension Bands

This series of six attunements is designed to accelerate healing, raise individual vibration and accelerate the process of self expansion! The six bands divinely permeate our lives and this profoundly translates into deeper connections in all realms. Aligned with Buddhic energies, but not on a Reiki path? This is for you! This program profoundly impacts the individual as they expand with Ascended Master Buddha. Lightarian Ascension Bands are sacred levels of the higher vibrational bands of the divine Buddhic energies − here to assist as we personally enter a new phase. As we move through the eight bands of Buddhic energies, we increase our own self-actualisation process resulting in meaningful and joy-filled interactions. Recipients also find an increase in intuitive internal and external communications and in manifestations in their overall life path. To find out more please click here

Lightarian Gateway

This series of six attunements is designed to provide training for navigating the various dimensional planes through working with the Crystal Skull, Sacred Blue Flame of Wholeness, and Gem Grid Activations enabling you to interact with several Extraterrestrial Masters and the Seraphim groups. Simply stated, the Lightarian perspective regarding personal development within the inter-dimensional realities through the Lightarian Gateway programme includes the expansion of the Crystal Skull and Blue Flame of Wholeness, recoding of the body at the Cellular Level, adjustments within your Energy Field, and the Collaboration with several Extraterrestrial Masters and the Seraphim Groups to learn how to easily navigate Physical and Inter-Dimensional Levels of Consciousness. This is an ADVANCED program level and requires all previous systems as perquisite. To find out more click here.

Lightarian Ray Extension

This series of three attunements is designed to provide light-workers who are aligned with the New Earth Energies that are being anchored in due to Gaia’s Descension process. These three Ascended Masters: Ascended Master Lanto, Lady Nada and Lady Leto, focus on the final phase of personal spiritual development in preparation for the Lightarian Gaia’s Grid program. As we know, each of the Ascended Masters has a dominant focus or theme for their work here. There is a Self-selection process which happens with this type of work. The programs create an energetic anchor, attracting those who are aligned with its work. You’ll know if this program is for you. This is an ADVANCED program level and requires all previous Lightarian systems as pre-requisite. To find out more click here.

The Lightarian Path can be taken for personal expansion or with a view to teach.  Purchasing the full 9 Lightarian programmes together will make you a saving against buying them individually.  To commence your journey simply click book now below. For personal ascension choose the lower price of £720.  To become a teacher select the higher price of £1,635. To enquire further please call 07931428128.