Kam Bowers

Hi I’m Kam…

I embarked on my physical life as a conscious walk-in, in 2002.  I was overlaid by the chakra tech 6 months later when I decided to stay and experience life on earth.  I have now removed all of my chakras and implants and am once again thriving and supporting others to do the same. I am an experienced Spiritual Healer, Holistic Therapist and Spiritual Mentor, with over 30 years experience. I provide my clients with the energy, resources and tools necessary to unlock the innate potential each of us holds inside.​  

I have been trained both by The Healer’s Trust and The College of Healing.  The Healing Team I now work with have trained me in the more advanced energy work that I now offer my clients. I provide a safe space both online and face to face, using a variety of techniques to help clients move forward and lead happier, healthier, more uplifted lives.

What I Offer

My advanced healing sessions are for Light Workers, Starseeds, Healers and Walk-Ins who wish to disconnect from the negative aspects of the earth grid (Matrix) and become whole, sovereign beings, empowered and free from hidden energetic programming and implants. (Also available for children and animals.)  All work is done according to and with permission from your Higher Self and includes J-Seal Removal, Chakra & Kundalini Unification and thought form removal.


I also offer Spiritual energy balancing, mentoring work, spiritual life coaching, frequency energy sessions, access consciousness bars, divine guidance reading, medicine wheel reading and property clearance.  In addition I run retreats and development groups. Feel free to email me on info@bluebutterflyspirit.com or visit my website at www.bluebutterflyspirit.com.