Expansion Coaching

If you are tired of spending money in the new age arena to no avail then you are in the right place!  My expansion coaching package will take you to a whole new level and support you to step into your absolute potential.  Feel free to contact me direct should you have any questions.  If you are ready to invest in yourself then head to the book now icon at the foot of this page.

What is Expansion Coaching

Expansion coaching is ‘next level’ awakening and involves unplugging from the matrix, removing all alien implants, overlays, seals, plugs, and chakra tech to restore you to your natural state of being.  It also incorporates advanced multidimensional integration healing techniques to restore healthy neural pathways, latent spiritual abilities, and full alignment with your full potential.

This 8-week journey involves weekly clearings, activations and 1-1 sessions with me for integration and multidimensional healing!  There is no requirement for in person sessions so if you resonate with my work but live far away do not be disheartened! Everything can be performed at a distance and 1-1 self-discovery sessions can be performed via Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp etc


What does this journey look like?

NB You will have 2 sessions per week with me (except week 2)

Week 1 – Matrix unplug (2hr) and full soul plan reading session to free you from the matrix and identify your reason for being on planet at this time.  Soul plan (1hr) supports you to awaken to your actual soul destiny and align with your purpose.  It also reveals your challenges, talents, and goals in your worldly and spiritual aspects of self.

Week 2 – Atlantean paddles followed by a self-discovery session with me (2hrs) During our time together we will identify with your goals and what direction you wish to take with your life.  We will clear any limiting beliefs and set the foundations from which your new life will unfold.

Week 3 – Chakra & Kundalini Removal (1hr) followed by Soul transformation Therapy and your second self-discovery session with me (2hrs) where we will work together to start clearing old neural pathways using various tools to align you with your authentic self.

Week 4 – 15D Energetic chord cutting (45mins) followed by Lightarian reiki and your third self-discovery session with me (2hrs) where we will work together to address any issues raised from your journey so far. This may include but is not limited to letting go of damaging patterns of behaviour, relationship issues, shedding of what no longer serves you, ups and downs of mood.  We all respond differently to an ascension journey so from here on in we address whatever arises for you!

Week 5 – DNA strands 1-4 activation (45 mins) followed by Atlantean paddles and your fifth self-discovery session with me (2hrs) where we will look into past life experiences, galactic lives (if you are a starseed) and work to unearth any latent potential not yet established. We will also continue to work on anything arising from the ascension process.

Week 6 – DNA strands 5-8 activation (45 mins) followed by Soul Transformation Therapy and your sixth self-discovery session with me (2hrs) where we will continue to clear stuff that is no longer serving you and taking steps in the directions of the life you wish to create.

Week 7 – DNA strands 9-12 activation (45 mins) followed by Atlantean paddles and your seventh self-discovery session with me (2hrs) where we will work on any issues raised and align you with your ability to create including techniques to communicate with your multidimensional layers of self.

Week 8 – Final Soul Transformation Therapy session followed by your eighth self-discovery session with me where we will integrate all healings from your ascension journey and set goals for the coming weeks that you can continue to work towards with the toolbox you have acquired through working with me.  You will also have the option to continue your self-discovery sessions with me if you so wish. Any follow-on sessions can be booked as and when required and you can choose from Atlantean paddles, Soul Transformation therapy or Lightarian Reiki for integration of any healing work you may wish to continue with. The cost of all follow-on 2hr sessions will be charged at £110 per session or £400 for a block booking of 4 sessions. 


What will I achieve?

During your 2 months with me you will be completely restored to your natural state of self and all alien technologies, implants and overlays will have been removed. You will also be operating from your natural energy systems and will no longer be affected by any kind of energy distortions from others.  In essence you return to your sovereign state and your energy becomes yours once more.  The matrix will have no control over you and a strong sense of peace will be conjured.

Through working with me on a weekly basis you will also achieve a great deal of integration through the various healing techniques used and the tools shared with you.  Every soul needs support with different things so the journey itself will be unique to you as to will our work together but you can expect to have cleared any limiting beliefs, damaging patterns of behaviour, mental fog and anything no longer serving you in the now.  You will also be somewhat more aligned with who you are and what you are here to achieve.

In addition, your thoughts and emotions will be yours.  Your ability to meditate and connect with your own soul essence will be significantly amplified. You may well have more access to your spiritual toolbox and become more advanced in your ability to work with your multidimensional layers of self.  You will cultivate more joy, peace, and happiness in your daily life and what once consumed and controlled you will have now have a limited hold over you.


Let’s do this!

Life outside of the matrix is a far cry from life in it! Most of what you experience and suffer at the hands of, is not even yours in the first place! I journeyed out of the matrix alone and have combined my own life experiences, journey through the carnage, multidimensional healing abilities and extensive experience as a teacher and coach to put together this life changing programme to help other souls, like you advance along their path.

To book your expansion coaching programme with me simply click on the book now icon below then contact me on 07931428128 to schedule your journey. You can if you wish make two monthly payments of £627.50. To discuss this option please feel free to contact me.