Chakra & Kundalini Removal

The false light and ‘new age’ practices teach us that our chakra system needs to be healed and balanced in order to find balance in the mind, body and spirit!  Sadly this is far from the truth!  Your chakra system is an alien implant used to control, manipulate and siphon your energies.  Feel free to contact me direct should you have any questions.  If you are ready to remove your chakra tech and reunite with your authentic energy systems then head to the book now icon at the foot of this page.

Chakra & Kundalini Removal

The process of chakra & kundalini removal involves gathering all the energies from the seven major chakras of the body as well as multiple minor and sub chakras and placing them in the soul star for unification and integration. This process is perfectly safe as the chakra system is an alien tech designed to compartmentalise your energy and drastically reduce your ability to connect with your multidimensional layers of self. It is not natural to you and it does not serve you in any sense of the word! I had my chakra & kundalini tech removed in August 2021 and I can honestly say my life has transformed!  I am no longer sensitive to other peoples energies and the connection I have with my multidimensional aspects of self is quite remarkable.

The false light teaches us that we can’t live without our chakras, that if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t exist, wrong! The chakras store negative and distorted energies which cause the body to break down and dramatically interfere with your mental, emotional and physical aspects of being. This is why they need constant attention. They are a technological programme which governs your way of being, causes you to collect other peoples energies and are used to siphon and store your own.  They have a detrimental impact on every level of your being.


The Three Star System

In your natural state of being you have a 3 star energy system which includes the core star, the mind star and the loin star. This system replaces your chakra tech and provides vital energy and data to the endocrine system and works to balance the 3 aspects of self. The mind star looks after the mental and emotional aspects, balancing the left & right brain ensuring they work in synergy with each other. The core star is where your soul is located and this governs the emotional & intuitive aspects of self. It also unites the heart with the soul which activates innate wisdom. The loin star manages the creative and sexual aspects of self. This allows us to rebuild ourself both inward and outward after mass destruction and is the catalyst for growth, expansion, evolution and ascension.


Benefits Of Chakra & Kundalini Removal

Your kundalini is a natural aspect of self but it has been hijacked to allow for the dark forces to access and control your body.  It is NOT advised as preached in the false light, to trigger a kundalini awakening! Once your chakra tech & kundalini overlays have been removed and placed in your soul star you will experience the following:

Ability to receive and express much greater energy from your higher aspects of being whilst experiencing much higher frequency energy bands. The star system acts like a force field that blocks out other people’s energies, thought forms and emotional states of being. You will feel more centred, calm, secure, powerful, peaceful, and self contained with greater clarity and enhanced psychic abilities which can unfold and develop more rapidly. All limitations imposed by the chakra tech will no longer be present which means a better standard of living and no requirement to spend money and time clearing toxins from the chakras. You will find meditation a piece of cake as your soul essence will be unlimited.

Disadvantages Of Chakra & Kundalini Tech

Your chakra tech restricts the amount of natural life force energy by up to 90% which makes it very easy for others to attach chords and drain our energy. This is why healing in the false light is often tiring! The chakras were implanted so that specific energies could be accessed (sexual, fear, pain, guilt, sadness and so forth), which allows for full control and manipulation of our energy fields.The chakras store stagnant energy which cause physical disease and psychological illnesses. Chakras segment your energy field and compartmentalise the aspects of self making you easier to manipulate and control.  Lastly, they completely remove your ‘I AM’ presence making it very difficult for you to create in all areas of your life.

Once your chakras are removed, it is permanent  however, because we live on a ‘free will’ planet you can with strong intention recall them back to your physical body where you will become controlled and manipulated once more if you so wish.


Chakra & Kundalini Removal Session

This session will take an hour and will be carried out with the support of your higher self.  You must be lay down in comfortable clothing with all jewellery removed. The session will take 1hr and can be performed at my premises or in the comfort of your own home. During the session you may see lots of colours, feel tingling or pain in the body where the chakras are located and sense hot and cold flushes. You may also feel surges of energy and a state of euphoria which can last for hours after the session. Most clients notice an immediate and profound effect but it will take 6-8 months for the healing and integration to be fully embodied and processed.


To book your session or to enquire further please contact me today. NB you cannot have your chakra & kundalini tech removed until you have unplugged from the matrix. To book your chakra & Kundalini removal session hit the book now button then message me on 07931428128 to schedule your session at a time that suits you.