Atlantean Paddle Healing

Atlantean paddles are an advanced healing tool Brought to Earth by the late Frank Alper and will help you to transform your energies and step into your full potential. Feel free to contact me direct should you have any questions.  If you are ready to book a session then please head to the book now icon at the foot of this page.

Atlantean Paddles 

Atlantean Paddles were channelled by Frank Alper (Channel, Healer, Teacher and Author of ‘Exploring Atlantis’) between 1984 – 1986 and have been reintroduced by Blue Marsden (Soul Plan) as he believes it is now time for these powerful tools to be used once more for healing.

The paddles are multidimensional shamanic wands which create portals through which profound healing and energetic shifts can occur in the mind, body, and spirit.  The paddles combine magnetic energies with the vibration of colour which is anchored into this realm through universal symbols all of which can be found In Metatron’s Cube.  They serve to balance and heal a multitude of conditions through their geometric form.

These powerful tools were used in healing temples during ancient Atlantean times.  They serve to balance the energies of the body whilst removing negative energy distortions, attachments, cords, possessions, entities and much more.

The Session Explained

This therapy would benefit anyone whether unplugged from the matrix or not and serves as an integration tool for clearing and understanding stubborn past life limitations, removing deep emotional wounds and neural patterning whilst supporting you to connect with your latent potential.  These powerful tools can also be used to remove limiting beliefs, awaken to galactic memories (if you are a starseed), heal physical ailments, soothe mental and emotional trauma, calm the nervous system, and create profound balance and harmony in the mind, body, and spirit.

During this one-hour session we will explore your presenting issue and diagnose the root of the problem before performing a healing session with the paddles that usually lasts between 15-20 minutes.  You will then relax for a further ten minutes to allow for full integration of the session before we close with a discussion on your experiences.

To book your session please click on the book now icon below then contact me on 07931428128 to schedule your appointment.