Ascension Workshops

If you are looking for a fun filled day with likeminded souls, then look no further.  Development workshops are a great way to learn something new while making new friends who share similar interests.  It is also a great way to experience something before deciding to become a practitioner.  For further details on my workshops please see below and do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.  If you are ready to embark on a Holistic Therapy workshop, then please visit my booking page using the button below.
breath work

Conversations with your soul £120

Is it time to stop playing in the false light and tap into your authentic tool box? In this 2 day workshop I will share with you all I know about the matrix, implants and overlays.  I will provide you with an array of tools to tap into your own soul consciousness and authentic spirit guides using simple techniques such as truth testing, tracking, reading and communicating with your body and eliciting thought forms and emotions.  I will also demonstrate how to release negative thoughts and emotions, rewire your neural pathways, uncreate limiting beliefs, identify distorted energies and entities, safe guard from and recognise psychic attack and shield your energy fields from others. 

Angel Oracle Cards

Work Your Magic £120

Is it time to set aside the law of attraction and learn the truth of your ability to create?  This two day workshop will open you up to a whole new world as I teach you how to manifest and create in your life by tapping into your natural skills and abilities.  This workshop is for all awakened states however, from experience you never truly get out of your own way until you have unplugged and removed your tech. During this two day workshop we will venture into all that is you and I will share with you all I have come to realise and now utilise to create my own world as I choose!  From money to relationships, home to following your dreams, you will not be disappointed with your now found skills and ability to create!