Ascension Reboot

My Ascension Reboot System is for those souls who are ready for lift off!.  Clear all matrix plugs, seals, overlays and your chakra tech then activate your DNA Template for a unified connection with all that you are. Feel free to contact me direct should you have any questions.  If you are ready to ascend and dive head first into my reboot system then please visit my booking page using the button below.

Ascension Reboot System

I have put together this system for all souls who wish to make haste out of the matrix and get on with what they came here to do!  Not only will you expand into your multidimensional layers of self you will also save against paying separately for the ascension clearing packages. This package includes a full matrix unplug, chakra and kundalini removal, 15D auric, karmic and cord clearing and a full 12 strand DNA Activation.


Matrix Unplug

To fully unplug from the matrix means you can no longer be interfered with or manipulated by the dark forces that control this planet.  You have hundreds of distortions in your energy fields which are so natural to you, you don’t even know they are there! We are forced to live in a 3D state of being and have very limited access to our full soul consciousness (just enough for our physical bodies to survive!) This allows for full control and manipulation of the human race.

The Negative Alien Agenda are the ones that hacked our consciousness and changed our original divine blueprint from our 12-strand diamond sun DNA template (Angelic Human) to a 2 strand DNA template, leaving the other 10 strands dormant and deactivated. This stops us from realising our true multidimensional layers of self.  All humans have 12 strand DNA templates, however there are others known as Indigo’s with higher DNA templates such as 24 and 48 strands. Your DNA strands allow for the full embodiment of your dimensions of consciousness.

During the matrix unplug which takes 2 hours, you will release all J-Seals and unnatural implants including Zeta Seals, Metatronic Implants, Templar Seals, crown of thorns, Tower of Babel seals and karmic containment units.  You will also undergo a 15D karmic and auric clearing and release shadow aspects of self, other alien implants, patriarchal domination hive mind, thought forms, fears and phobias, galactic race trauma, hybridisation trauma, DNA fear distortions, and sexual implants. For full matrix unplug details please click here.


Chakra & Kundalini Removal

This session takes 45 minutes and the process of chakra & kundalini removal involves gathering all the energies from the seven major chakras of the body as well as multiple minor and sub chakras and placing them in the soul star for unification and integration. This process is perfectly safe as the chakra system is an alien tech designed to compartmentalise your energy and drastically reduce your ability to connect with your multidimensional layers of self. It is not natural to you and it does not serve you in any sense of the word!

The false light teaches us that we can’t live without our chakras, that if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t exist, wrong! The chakras store negative and distorted energies which cause the body to break down and dramatically interfere with your mental, emotional and physical aspects of being. This is why they need constant attention. They are a technological programme which governs your way of being, causes you to collect other peoples energies and are used to siphon and store your own.  They have a detrimental impact on every level of your being. For full details please click here.

15D Energetic Cord Cutting

Energetic cords are formed by high-speed communication and the sharing of energy. There are healthy cords that create and nurture and there are unhealthy cords that drain huge amounts of energy from you as a means of control. Ordinarily they are attached by mutual agreement, however in the matrix there are lots of ways to persuade, trick or con people into being corded.

Etheric cords can form between people, objects, and situations where there is a fearful attachment associated with being afraid to let go, scared to be alone, afraid to be without. These are invisible energy links. Long-term relationships with others create cords with a build-up of numerous energies and emotions such as need, desire, conditional love, anger, jealousy, and envy.  They can be very intense and volatile creating problems in the form of aches, pains, depression, rage, exhaustion, burn-out and stress. Most souls  are not aware of these energy cords, and there is a multitude of frauds, phonies, gurus, and religious teachers who use cording as a weapon to attach to their followers to make money.  For full details please click here.


12 Strand DNA Activation

The activation of your DNA template divine seed blueprint is a crucial step in the process of ascension. The 12 strand DNA activation restores your DNA strands to the highest frequency holding potential which expands your consciousness to its maximum capability. Scientists acknowledge that we only use 3% of our two strand DNA and consider the rest as junk – they are wrong!

Human beings have 12 strands of DNA whilst indigo starseeds have 24 to 48 strands and stored within their cellular memory is the heritage of the Oraphim ancestry which is a future DNA template. Indigos began incarnating a couple of hundred years ago in preparation for the stellar activation cycle we are now in.  Activating your DNA aligns you with your soul purpose and mission here on earth and allows you to experience expanded consciousness and higher dimensions of being which is paramount to the ascension process.  For full details please click here.


Preparing For Your Reboot

The Ascension Reboot System will be delivered over 6 sessions ranging from 45 minutes to 2 hours with 7-14 days between session (your higher self dictates). Sessions can be performed at my premises or in the comfort of your own home at a pre-agreed time.  You must lay down in loose fitting clothing and remove all jewellery during each session. You may experience extremely intense vibrations, hot or cold sensations, visions, and altered states of consciousness due to the energies you are receiving from the higher realms of being. By purchasing this system you will be aligning with your authentic and multidimensional layers of self much faster than if you were to go it alone (years of meditation and discipline).  You will open yourself up to any dormant DNA coding which will accelerate you on to your intended path.  You will also ignite your latent spiritual tool box and embody psychic skills unbeknown to you at this time in your evolution process.

Full integration of this clear and upgrade will take up to 12 months and will occur in alignment with your highest good.  You WILL experience profound change from the off and you will become empowered to create the life you wish to live free from the matrix and the vile programme that has manipulated you for hundreds of thousands of years.

To book your Ascension Reboot journey click on the book now icon then message me on 07931428128 and I will schedule your session at a time that suits you.  For a head up on what to expect please check out my ascension disclaimer.