Ascension Disclaimer

Jan 7, 2022 | Blog

The ascension (expansion) journey that you are considering embarking on is not for the faint hearted but if you are here then you are so, for a reason! The truth is we are all here right now in this very moment to experience this time on earth! Some of us are here for ourselves whilst others are here to be of service to others! I began my journey in August of 2021.  I went in blind and had to find my own way through but don’t be fooled I am far from clear of the matrix because I still reside in it! I am just not plugged into it anymore which allows me to expand into all I came here to be whilst embodying all aspects of who I have been and simultaneously tapping into my absolute potential!  It can be fun but it can also be a very lonely place!

During your initial unplug you will experience an array of emotions some uplifting and some not so great!  You may even become a target of the dark! Why? Because as your consciousness shifts your light expands, your behaviours change and you become a beacon to those who are so desperately trying to keep you contained! For me, they attacked me in my dream state through my astral bodies which are in fact an alien implant! Once removed they had zero access to me as long as I maintained a degree of energetic hygiene! 

As your consciousness shifts you begin to see the world around you with a new set of eyes which at first feels tremendous but in time and for most straight away you will notice your moods shift from positive to negative a lot!  As your old neural pathways begin to dissolve you are called to do the work on yourself which the new age arena allows you to bypass with false love and light!  You either crumble and slip into victim mode or you get your arse up and take control of your own thoughts and feelings! If you lean into victim mode you will likely experience some of the darkest days of your life because nobody is going to save you from yourself! You have to work your way through your own shit, there is no magic pill! No road map and no instruction booklet that can do the work for you!  The onus is on you – period!

In time you will begin to shed lower energy frequencies which means people, places and things will shift!  You will either develop an intolerance for what you once surrounded yourself with or they will be triggered by your new energy levels and drama is the impending result!  It is up to you to navigate this drama which is a massive learning curve when you begin to embody your own power!  If you cling to what you have always known you create distortion in your own fields and resistance to what it is you are trying to create which can, on many occasions, leave you feeling like you just want to give up! Like you cannot carry on any longer! You may even doubt your decision to unplug from it all and fall into a mild or deep depression!  The key to all of this is your attitude and response to such situations!  You either face it from a place of empowerment or you revert back to victim mode with the latter making your journey a very treacherous one!

Then comes the inevitable intolerances for food and in my case alcohol!  As your cells begin to rejuvenate your sensitivity to toxins grows exponentially!  Those junk food treats begin to shift your frequency, cause stomach upsets, headaches, and a whole host more but if you ignore the signs from your body you will continue to suffer!  This can make eating out a pain in the arse and if the pub was once your social setting you will find yourself distancing yourself from those who were once your lifeline! Leaving you feeling even more isolated and alone!  

The next thing to shift will be your awareness and your perceptions! What once seemed like a conspiracy theory or the making of a movie becomes your actual reality!  This can be fascinating whilst simultaneously very frustrating!  You will feel the need to warn others and share in your newfound truth and when you are met with blank faces, sniggers and or the cold shoulder it will make you question your very existence! Am I going mad? Am I on the wrong path? Who the hell am I? Have I been hijacked by the dark? Am I creating an illusory world with my own imagination?  Will people ever see what I see? Am I right or is everyone else right?  This is the ‘Alice in wonderland’ phase which has on occasion crippled me! If you seek answers outside of yourself it only leads to more confusion! All the while you will find you have very few to talk to because they are either plugged in and balls deep in the agenda or they are trying to convince you that maybe you have in fact made the wrong decision! This is the biggest ‘mind fuck’ phase you will enter! The only way to navigate it is to learn to trust your own inner radar and in doing so your power begins to blossom!  If you resort to advice, opinions, and viewpoints of others you will lick your windows so much you won’t need a window cleaner anymore!

Your intolerance for new age practices will increase!  You will see the dark, the puppets, the script, the satanic and disempowering practices! If you were once a new ager your stomach will churn when you see light language, guided you tube meditations and a whole host more! For a while you will question what is safe to practice and what is not including meditation! At this point you are being called to tap into your own creative powers and think outside the box to connect in with your own expanded aspects of self!  If you miss the signs and resort back to the new age arena you will find you don’t feel comfortable there anymore! You will also learn some hard and fast lessons as your energy fields begin to fill with distortions once more! If you fail to recognise this your mood will plumet and before you know it you are back in victim mode swimming against the tide!

You will then go through a period of what can feel like desolation and abandonment! Your whole world will begin to crumble in one way or another because inside the matrix you are never where you are destined to be! Once unplugged you can go there freely but you have to get there in complete darkness! You will feel empty, isolated, and alone, trying to fathom your place, your role, your reason for being here! You may even develop an intolerance for your work whilst having no clue what it is you want to do! The more you ponder your questions the more resistance you create and the more pained and frustrated you will feel! The key here is to allow and to be in the flow which means you throw your hands up in the air say, ‘fuck it’ and trust in the concept of divine timing! You also need to identify with and let go of all limiting beliefs, stare your own darkness in the face and decide who it is you actually want to become!

Then the shifts occur and gradually you begin to feel more positive than negative, more aligned than lost, more focused than scattered!  You get comfortable with your newfound eyesight and ability to perceive! You come to respect who you are as a spiritual being and instead of fearing the unknown you welcome it with delight and see life as an adventure! You begin to see and feel significant changes in your mindset and old habits begin to dissolve!  You are less triggered and more compassionate towards others! You have no desire for drama and can navigate it with your eyes closed! You find a new sense of self and come to realise that the blank canvas in front of you is yours to fill! As your creativity begins to flow you open yourself up to new and exciting opportunities that you once would have missed! You look in the mirror and you see a spark in your eye that has never resided there before.

What once tormented you no longer enters your field and you can easily identify what is meant for you and what is not! Instead of feeling alone you relish alone time to nurture and explore all that you are! When you go out in public you are not affected by the energies of others, you don’t fall for the same bullshit nor do you fear it! When your spiritual toolbox activates you will find a newfound connection to self which leaves you bomb proof in who you are! You will have zero need to seek answers outside of yourself instead you are able to trust in your own guidance, visions, feelings, and viewpoints! When others question you, it no longer phases you for your inner knowing is unquestionable! Your survival needs and material wants fade into the background as you shed the structures and confines of the matrix! You come to realise that the life you once lived was a prison and now you are free!

The ascension journey is not for the faint hearted but it is by far the best experience you will ever have! You just need to remain committed to yourself! To remind yourself why you started this in the first place when your days are long and painful! You must recognise what is yours and what is not! You must do the work needed to help yourself and know when your saviour programme is still running so you can transition from victim mode to empowerment! You must also come to realise that ascension is an eternal journey as you yourself are eternal! There is no final destination and we each are walking our own unique path which means we will all get to the finish line in our own time!

If you choose to walk this path, I will be there to guide you and support you as best I can but know that the onus is always on you!  Nobody can do it for you, take your pain away, give you a magic pill, switch your inner knowing on or anything else for that matter! I am blessed to be able to work with souls to remove what is no longer serving them (alien implants) but I am not a magician, I simply hold space and allow for your higher aspects of self (super consciousness) to clear your field so more of your own light can penetrate you in your earthly existence! It is up to you to ground and anchor that light and it is up to you to find your own way through the matrix. It isn’t easy but it’s what you came here to do!

Until next time … Oc’taviour xx