My Story

jo haughton holistic therapist

Hi I’m Oc’taviour…

Welcome to Ascension Academy, a place for souls to expand beyond the matrix. I am an Indigo type 2 starseed, a future human hybrid from the Melchizedek ultra terrestrial family lines namely the Elohei and Seraphel.  My purpose is to reinstate the diamond sun DNA template and return earth to it’s original state of being which is known as the emerald order.

I was born with dormant Lyrian -Sirian elder race human oraphim imprints in my DNA and I operate through 36 strands (currently).  This genetic coding is characteristic of the future Melchizedek evolutionary cycles.  I am an avatar with an ascended master soul who began my awakening process at the time of my brain haemorrhage.

New Age Holistic Therapies

My journey to self, began in 2017 when I got so low and fractured by my experiences that I stumbled into the new age world of holistic and alternative medicine. I was in search of drastic change as my life had been one traumatic experience after another namely mental & emotional abuse, violence, drug & alcohol addiction, bankruptcy, depression, anxiety and suicide attempts. The false light gave me a new sense of freedom but I soon realised that despite my commitment to it all something wasn’t right and lasting change was hard to come by!   

Jo Hospital

Spiritual Awakening

In 2018 I suffered a brain haemorrhage whilst on holiday in Croatia and I died at the scene.  I was resuscitated and attached to a defibrillator before being taken to a hospital 3 hours away via ambulance where a neurosurgeon was airlifted in to perform major brain surgery.  Remarkably I survived with no ill effect and was released from hospital just 10 days later.

In 2019 I had to undergo further brain surgery to bypass a second aneurysm on my carotid artery behind my right eye and once again I survived with no ill effect and was released from hospital the following day. Two years later I came to realise that both were caused by the J-Seal implants hidden in my energetic layers of self!

Extraterrestrial Origins

In this galaxy I have experienced life in the Hyades, Pleiades, Orion, Atlantis (time of) and now here on Earth.  I am a ‘Way Shower’ who volunteered to incarnate on earth to support the human race to expand their consciousness and rise above the current earth frequency to free themselves from the matrix.  I am a ‘System Buster’ and awakened to the alien implants and chakra tech after sensing there was a virus which ran through the physical body to control and manipulate the human race! I am an ‘Ascension Guide’ here to remove alien technologies from the human race and awaken healers to the false light.

The matrix traps us in a false reality and disconnects us from our multidimensional layers of self.  It leads us to believe we are powerless beings who cannot break free from damaging cycles of behaviour.  It decays the physical body and causes disease and mental health problems. It controls and dictates our every way of being and causes chaos and carnage in all areas of our lives!

So many are consumed by the false light (‘new age’) which is a decoy designed to enslave the human race further.  I was fortunate enough to wake up from the illusion and I have since been imbued to facilitate and teach many ascension healings with many more to become available in the future.  It is time to awaken from the false awakening and free yourself from the dark forces!  Are you ready to unplug? or would you like to know more?


I look forward to meeting you soon – Oc’taviour x