12 Strand DNA Activation

The dark forces that control this planet have hijacked human DNA strands causing them to run in reverse.  Activating your DNA strands will allow you to embody higher states of being and is an essential piece of your ascension journey.   Feel free to contact me direct should you have any questions.  If you are ready to upgrade your DNA  then head to my book now icon at the foot of this page.

12 Strand DNA Activation

The activation of your DNA template divine seed blueprint is a crucial step in the process of ascension. The 12 strand DNA activation restores your DNA strands to the highest frequency holding potential which expands your consciousness to its maximum capability. Scientists acknowledge that we only use 3% of our two strand DNA and consider the rest as junk – they are wrong!


Human beings have 12 strands of DNA whilst indigo starseeds have 24 to 48 strands and stored within their cellular memory is the heritage of the Oraphim ancestry which is a future DNA template. Indigos began incarnating a couple of hundred years ago in preparation for the stellar activation cycle we are now in.  Activating your DNA aligns you with your soul purpose and mission here on earth and allows you to experience expanded consciousness and higher dimensions of being which is paramount to the ascension process.


12 Aspects of Your Multidimensional Consciousness


DNA Strand 1: Courage to move ahead and integrate our fears.

DNA Strand 2: Ability to focus on something and follow it to completion.

DNA Strand 3: Maintaining gender balance between male/female power.

DNA Strand 4: Balance between our energy field and the physical body.

DNA Strand 5: Living peacefully in a state of acceptance.

DNA Strand 6: Strength to stand in one’s truth regardless of the outcome.

DNA Strand 7: Ability to accept both our dark and light sides.

DNA Strand 8: Ability to hold personal boundaries regardless of outcomes.

DNA Strand 9: Ability to accept and live within a diverse community.

DNA Strand 10: Ability to tune into and listen to one’s soul or higher self.

DNA Strand 11: Power to envision, create and manifest these visions in 3D.

DNA Strand 12: Ability to be accepting, kind and appreciate the value in all things


The Endocrine Glands

Hypothalamus – I translate what I believe.

Pineal – I see or envision what I receive.

The Pineal Gland and DNA activation

Pituitary – I hear what I receive.

Thyroid – I speak what I receive.

Thymus – I clear and transmute what I receive.

Heart – I feel what I receive.

Gonads – I create and manifest what I receive.

Adrenals – I hold true to what I receive.

Upgrading Your DNA

Most people have only 3 to 3.5 of their DNA strands activated allowing for a maximum of 3 dimensions of consciousness. By activating your DNA, you restore distortions in the DNA fire letters (scalar wave programming) in your chemical DNA. Distortions cause DNA sequences to run in reverse causing chaos in the mental and emotional aspects of self. Most people have distortions in strand 2 which relates to the emotional body, and strand 3 which controls the mental body.


By upgrading your DNA life becomes much easier to navigate and harmony, clarity and living in alignment with who you are replaces the chaos, unhappiness, stress and difficulties you once faced.  The vast majority of souls on this planet have no clue who they are, feel lost and frustrated and cannot cultivate long term and profound healing. The false light teaches us to meditate and worship gurus to achieve evolution, yet it is a birth right to live life without drama, sickness, and disease. By restoring your DNA, you will return to good health, experience high energy levels, joy, inner-peace, experience advanced psychic skills and reconnect with your life purpose.


DNA activation helps to reconnect you with your dormant spiritual toolbox and embody 12 dimensional levels of consciousness to merge with the one source consciousness of all that is. You will also free yourself to ascend into other dimensions of being and return once more to the angelic being that you are.


DNA Activation Sessions


The activation of your DNA will be carried out over 3 sessions:


Session 1 – DNA preparation & DNA Activation Strands 1 – 4:  restoration of the original function of the DNA of the strands 1 – 4 and the corresponding chakras.


Session 2 – DNA Activation Strands 5 – 8: Embodiment of your Soul Identity


Session 3 – DNA Activation strands 9 – 12: re-establishing your original divine blueprint potential.


Each session will take 45 minutes and can be performed at my space or in the comfort of your own home at a pre-agreed time.  During the session you must be lay down in loose comfortable clothing with all jewellery removed.  You may experience tingling sensations, surges of energy and feelings of euphoria which can last for hours after the session. NB you cannot upgrade your DNA until you have been through a full matrix unplug.  If you still have your chakra tech that is ok as the chakras will be unified (not removed) in the first session.  Although the chakra tech can remain in situ, they will hinder your integration process which is normally 6-8 months. This is because the chakra tech stores negative energies and needs constant maintenance to avoid blockages.


To book your sessions click on the book icon below then contact me on 07931428128 to schedule your sessions at a time that suits you.