Ascension Healing, Activations & Training Courses

For souls who wish to free themselves from the matrix and support others to do the same! Based in Culcheth, Warrington, Cheshire.

Welcome to Ascension Academy

Are you ready to create permanent and lasting change in your life?  Ascension Academy has been birthed into existence over a period of 3 years and has expanded in line with my own journey to self.

My passion and my life purpose are to reveal the truth, bust systems wide open and guide others through. My goal is to empower all souls to expand beyond the matrix.  My mission is to awaken the human race to their natural, angelic state of being so humanity and earth can expand once more into a fifth dimensional state of being.

Ascension Academy is the platform through which souls can access valuable tools to support themselves on their own ascension journey, to awaken to their authentic power, realise their full potential and create lasting and profound change for both themselves and their clients.

Avatar Activation
Angelic Reiki Training

Ascension Clearing

The first stage of expansion is to unplug from the matrix, remove your chakra & kundalini Tech and restore your DNA blueprint.

Crystal Healing

Ascension Activations

Ascension activations will support you to fast track back to your original state of being and are the next step of your journey to self.
Meditation & Mindfulness

Ascension Training

If you are ready to step forward and train with healing tools that create profound and lasting change for your clients then click below to learn more.